Understanding Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education (OE): educating for healthy relationships through sustainable outdoor experiences.  It is different to Outdoor Recreation.

Outdoor Recreation (OR): the use of outdoor journeys for life-long play, enjoyment, adventure, health and well-being, fitness and socialisation. Outdoor Recreation skills are a tool to facilitate exploration of natural environments.

Outdoor Education Australia supports the

  • The right of all Australian students to access Outdoor Education (OE) in all years of schooling
  • The availability of a sequential Outdoor Education (OE) program incorporating a range of subject areas from the foundation to senior years.

This sequential program would ideally take the form of:

  • The use of outdoor education as a methodology for all year levels for a range of subject areas
  • Teaching outdoor recreation skills as part of a balanced Health and Physical Education program
  • An outdoor education journey experience available each year in the middle to senior years
  • Outdoor education as a study elective available in the middle to senior years