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Given the outdoor ed community in Australia is diverse and dispersed we encourage your participation in our online discussion forums.

As the Australian Teaching standards requires teachers to network, these online forums provide an opportunity for educators to do so at a time and location perhaps more convenient given your other commitments. Participating in our forums will enhance your growth as a professional, providing opportunities for shared learnings including from mistakes and successes. You can gain advice from other professionals in the field, provide your own recommendations, have robust discussions on relevant topics, broaden your thinking, even explore and accept differing views and opinions in a supportive environment. For some, this might complement their existing mentoring support structures. The forums are also places to discover about new technologies, techniques and gear that can help you in your work.

There are 2 avenues to engage in discussion with fellow outdoor educators:

  1. A private group on Facebook. You need to be a paid state member to become a member of this group and can send a simple request via our Facebook page to join this group and the discussions therein.
  2. A public forum on this website as part of our News pages whereby you can comment and participate in discussions on academic articles, announcements, new gear products, emerging issues, reflections/ experiences you have hadany post therein. You can submit an article or topic for discussion via our Contact page.