Meet Our OEA Fellows

In the inaugural year (2021) of the Outdoor Education Awards, Outdoor Education Australia conferred OEA Fellowship to seven amazing recipients:

  • Dr Ian Boyle FOEA, NSW
  • Professor Tonia Gray FOEA, NSW
  • Margot Hurrell FOEA, ACT
  • Dr Jaqueline (Jackie) Kiewa FOEA, QLD
  • Associate Professor Peter Martin FOEA, VIC
  • Dr Scott Polley FOEA, SA
  • Glyn Thomas FOEA, QLD

In 2022, seven more outdoor education professionals received Fellowship.

  • Cathryn Carpenter FOEA, VIC
  • Steve McMurtrie FOEA, VIC
  • John Quay FOEA, VIC
  • Sandy Allen-Craig FOEA, VIC
  • Mark Brackenreg FOEA, NSW
  • Jon Hodges FOEA, QLD
  • Rob Hogan FOEA, S.A.

Details on our OEA Fellows can be found below. They are listed alphabetically by surname.

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Dr Ian Boyle FOEA, NSW, 2021

Dr Ian Boyle FOEA, NSW

Widely recognised as a leader in the outdoors sector whose impact has reached far and wide due to his big picture ideas, generous spirit, and love of the outdoors.

An inspirational leader and role model to his colleagues and many thousands of students, Ian has always been willing to share his knowledge and resources with outdoor colleagues. From1997 to 2019, Ian ran Maximum Potential a team building and Sport Psychology consultancy business to NSW and national sporting teams.

From June 1991 to – Dec 2011 he was the Director of Outdoor Education Scots College Glengarry, developing an implementation a six-month outdoor ed residential program.
From 2012 to 2019 he was the Lecturer in Outdoor Education and Physical Education at University of Sydney and University of Wollongong. From 2013 to 2019 he was a Blended Learning Designer in the School of Education with The University of Western Sydney, and an Outdoor Education Instructor and Assessor with NSW TAFE Western. Sadly, Ian passed away from brain cancer in June 2019 after a four-year battle.

Mark Brackenreg FOEA, NSW, 2022

Mark Brackenreg FOEA, NSW

Mark has made a significant contribution to Outdoor Education over many years. With a passion for the outdoors he recognised the many benefits that come with it. Mark started his career in Western Australia.

After moving to NSW he played a major role in educating the young men from St. Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill as one of the teaching staff and then as the Coordinator of the Colo Outdoor Education Centre for over 20 years.

Mark has completed a Bachelor of Science, Graduate Diploma of Education and a Masters of Outdoor Education.

Throughout this time, he has been an advocate for the role Outdoor Education plays in the broader context in schools and society. He has given years of service to the industry in his various roles on committees such as Outdoor Education Australia and a Company Director with Outdoors New South Wales and ACT. He worked tirelessly behind the scenes to form networks and offer professional education opportunities for members of the New South Wales Outdoor Education community.

Since his retirement, he continues to serve on the Outdoors New South Wales and ACT Board and has volunteered his time as the Co-Convenor for this year’s National Outdoor Education Conference. Mark has been a role model in the Outdoor Education community, mentoring many up-and-coming Outdoor Educators and educating thousands of students to recognise their potential and the value of being educated outdoors.

Cathryn Carpenter FOEA, VIC, 2022

Cathryn Carpenter FOEA, VIC

Cathryn has worked for over 30 years across a wide range of roles and responsibilities to support the growth, development and support of the outdoor education profession.

She has led the profession in the development of undergraduate and post graduate courses and curriculum in Outdoor Education, Outdoor Leadership, Experiential Learning and Youth work. Cathryn’s work has ensured high standards of education and training for those entering the outdoor education profession.

She was the co-author and co-ordinator of the Master of Experiential Learning offering the outdoor profession further ongoing academic pathways and career opportunities.

She has worked tirelessly to support emerging new sectors within our profession and is the co-founder of the Australian Association of Bush Adventure Therapy, (AABAT). She continues to support its ongoing development as a leading professional organization in the therapeutic work of the outdoor sector.

She has served on many different professional bodies including holding the position of President of Victorian Outdoor Education Association (VOEA).

Cathryn’s work has been foundational in the development of the outdoor education profession.

Sandy Allen-Craig FOEA, VIC, 2022

Sandy Allen-Craig FOEA, VIC

Sandy is the consummate contributor to the outdoor education profession. Since the earliest days of her career teaching at schools and universities, she has reached beyond the immediate context to consider the needs of the profession more broadly.

She has been recognised previously as a Fellow of the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation for her many and continuing collaborative contributions. At the same time, she has been central to the successes achieved by the Victorian Outdoor Education Association, continuing with the evolution of V O E A into Outdoors Victoria.

As the Outdoors Victoria delegate to Outdoor Education Australia, Sandy’s influence has extended to the national level amongst professional associations. Sandy’s contributions in outdoor education are founded on an outstanding career in teaching, nationally recognized with a Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning in the Australian Awards for University Teaching.

Beyond Australia’s shores, Sandy has driven connections between the Australian Catholic University’s programs and children and youth in Timor Leste. For this Sandy received an ACU Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Community Engagement.

Hers career-long efforts to support and advance outdoor education for the benefit of students and the broader community continue today. Her influence has impacted many students, now teachers and lecturers, who follow in her footsteps.

Professor Tonia Gray FOEA, NSW, 2021

Professor Tonia Gray FOEA, NSW

Professor Tonia Gray has made a significant contribution to the fields of outdoor experiential education and adventure therapy. She has been formative in the learning of several outdoor educators, shown leadership in raising insight and awareness in issues related to gender and diversity, received numerous awards and her research widely published. She has actively promoted the inclusion of outdoor education in the national curriculum and been a sought-after presenter on the international stage.

Her qualifications include a Masters in Community Health from the University of Northern Colorado, a PhD from the University of Wollongong with her doctorate being: The Impact of an Extended Stay Outdoor Education Program on Adolescent Participation.

Since 2019 she has been Professor & Senior Researcher Centre for Educational Research: Outdoor Learning Specialist. Western Sydney University. For 22 years previously she was an Associate Professor at the University of Wollongong, lecturing in Reflection and Experience Based Learning (EBL) in educational settings, Outdoor Education, and Adventure Therapy.

Margot Hurrell FOEA, ACT, 2021

Margot Hurrell FOEA, ACT

Margot has 40 years’ experience in the Outdoor Education sector in risk, safety, compliance and training, including 25 years with Outward Bound. She has contributed to the development of hundreds of outdoor educators through her work in training and development, particularly in relation to safety and first aid, helping our industry grow in professionalism. With nearly 10 years as a trainer with Wilderness First Aid, there is a generation of outdoor educators who have passed through her stewardship teaching in this area.

Other stints include seven years with Global Learning Pty Ltd, five years with Wilderness Expeditions, 10+ years involvement with the Alpine Accessible Summer Tourism Project with Disabled WinterSports Australia, and 9 years as a ski patroller at Perisher.

She has been an Active research contributor over many years – on risk and incidents in the outdoors, taught at TAFE and been involved in consultancy work and WHS across various industries.

Rob Hogan FOEA, S.A., 2022

Rob Hogan FOEA, S.A.

Rob began his contribution to and influence on Outdoor Education in South Australia in the 1970’s and his impact on a generation of Outdoor Educators and Outdoor Recreation leaders is still felt today.

His contributions to The Outdoor Education Unit, Salisbury CAE and later UniSA programs were instrumental in setting benchmarks in education and teaching practice that helped grow the professional identity of outdoor educators. He was instrumental in the establishment of a state teacher’s association and a statewide Bushwalking Leadership accreditation scheme.

In a time when national communication was much more of a challenge Rob was part of forming relationships with other state bodies and was a contributor the development of what is now Outdoor Education Australia and the establishment of the Australian Journal of Outdoor Education.

He partnered with Liz Liebing to provide a historical record of the development of Outdoor Education in SA to contribute to the establishment of Outdoor Education in schools in Australia. He oversaw the development of the first South Australian Senior Outdoor Education course in 1984. His publication on risk management and teacher support articles remain relevant today. Significantly, he brought a professional approach and standing to Outdoor Education which formed the foundation of the profession in South Australia.

Dr Jaqueline (Jackie) Kiewa FOEA, QLD, 2021

Dr Jaqueline (Jackie) Kiewa FOEA, QLD

Jackie has been involved in Outdoor Education since 1983, supporting at risk youth. She went on to make a significant contribution to Outdoor Ed in Queensland before moving to Victoria to lecture at La Trobe University before retiring in 2003.

She was an advocate for a more inclusive approach to outdoor learning, with advocacy for women, championing the experience in outdoor education and recreation. Through her teachings and personal pursuits, she inspired many outdoor educations. She chaired the Australian Outdoor Education Council and was Association editor of the Australian Journal of Outdoor Education and involved in a number of peak outdoor bodies.

Associate Professor, Peter Martin FOEA, VIC, 2021

Associate Professor, Peter Martin FOEA, VIC

Peter is recognised for his commitment, passion and service which has helped advance our sector. He has created a strong legacy through teaching, writing presenting and personal example. A founding member of the Australian outdoor education council and the Outdoor Council of Australia, Peter has been one of the pillars of the outdoor community. He has been instrumental in setting up the Victorian Outdoor Education Association and Outdoor Victoria, Australian Climbing Association and Instructor accreditation system. His dedication has inspired 1000s of students and peers and he has shaped curriculum frameworks nationally and internationally. He gained his qualifications in the USA and Australia and has received Vice Chancellor Awards for his leadership and teaching.

Steve McMurtrie FOEA, VIC, 2022

Steve McMurtrie FOEA, VIC

Steve has shown leadership and dedication to the ongoing development of Outdoor Education continuously for the past 35 years. He has inspired and mentored hundreds of Outdoor Education teachers, and thousands of students in his role as an Outdoor Education teacher and in Principal positions of residential outdoor schools.

His extensive experience has also been drawn upon in Education Department roles in Emergency Management and the development of Adventure Activity Guidelines. Through his passion and dedication, he has ensured the survival and the growth of school camps that provide very high quality residential outdoor educational experiences to Victorian secondary students.

Steve was integral in the formation of ROSA which has seen these residential school camps go from strength to strength, providing outstanding, current, relevant and curriculum focused outdoor education experiences for thousands of students. He has presented and provided professional development to Principals and has done much to build the capacity of the Victorian Government Education sector around Outdoor Education and student safety.

His dedication to the profession is highlighted by his enormous contribution to the formation of Outdoors Victoria from V O E A and his ongoing service to this professional organisation, culminating in him serving for 9 years on the board with the last 2 years as chairperson.
Our profession is so much richer for Steve’s tireless endeavours and support.

Dr Scott Polley FOEA, SA, 2021

Dr Scott Polley FOEA, SA

Scott has taught Outdoor Education at the University of South Australia since 1993 and has coordinated the Outdoor Education study pathway since July 1996.

He has contributed to South Australian Rock Climbing, Canoeing and Bushwalking peak bodies. He has influenced secondary and tertiary outdoor education curriculum through his leadership and contribution to the Australian Tertiary Outdoor Education Network, ACARA, and Australian Council for Health. He has also made valuable contributions to the sector through his volunteering roles with the Outdoor Council of Australia, OESEA and OEA. Scott continues to demonstrate steadfast commitment to the field of Outdoor Education across Australia and has been a role model and positive influence on countless outdoor educators.

John Quay FOEA, VIC, 2022

John Quay FOEA, VIC

John has been a committed and passionate supporter of the outdoor education profession for the past 30 years.

He has worked tirelessly to ensure outdoor education has a voice in curriculum, is represented by strong and supportive professional organizations, and is included on the international stage as an important research area in which the furthering of knowledge and understanding is imperative.

He has worked enthusiastically and with necessary determination on several versions of our national journal which has resulted in the emergence of the Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education being widely recognized internationally.

He continues to look for opportunities to ensure outdoor education remains prominent and visible in school curriculum and gathers people together to move the profession forward.

He has inspired hundreds of students to feel ‘cared for’ when undertaking experiences in our natural world whilst also undertaking responsibility to ‘care for’ the natural world.

Jon Hodges FOEA, QLD, 2022

Jon Hodges FOEA, QLD

Jon has made a significant and sustained contribution to outdoor education in Queensland for over 35 years. He has led and expanded the outdoor education operations at both St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace and also at Brisbane Grammar School.

Jon has completed or led a number of international adventurous journeys in Siberia, Nepal and Antarctica, Australian journeys into the Simpson Desert and across Bass Straight, and more local journeys on the rivers of northern New South Wales.

Most recently Jon’s role as a Lore man and key member of the indigenous community, has raised the profile of outdoor education through indigenous way of knowing, being and doing. Through a unique indigenous pedagogy of ‘learning on country’, Jon has engaged thousands of students in lifelong learning experiences and personal development in, through and for the outdoors.

Dr Glyn Thomas FOEA, QLD, 2021

Dr Glyn Thomas FOEA, QLD

Glyn has been an engaged and active contributor to outdoor education scholarship, research, and practice in Australian schools and universities since 1992. He has provided leadership to university outdoor education programs in two Australian universities, and his excellence in teaching has been recognised through teaching awards and a HERDSA fellowship. He has conducted research and published widely in Australian and International journals. He has published more than 40 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters, which have been cited extensively (1000+) by other authors. His most recent project was to lead the editorship of a new international textbook for university outdoor environmental education students.

Glyn has served several outdoor education organisations in various volunteer leadership roles, including the Outdoor Council of Australia (2003-6) and the Australian Climbing Instructors’ Association (2001-21). He has served as an editor for two outdoor/experiential education academic journals (including the OEA’s own Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education) for a total of 16 years. In conjunction with the Australian Tertiary Outdoor Education Network, he has led an important project to identify threshold concepts for graduates of university outdoor education programs in Australia. This initiative will assist the Australian outdoor education sector by providing