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When working in Outdoor Education with primary or secondary school students it’s critical to be across your state education department’s curriculum guidelines for outdoor pursuits and activities, such as the Curriculum Activity Risk Management Guidelines developed by Education Queensland, as well as the Adventure Activity Standards for that activity.

OEA supports the development of national Adventure Activity Standards (AAS) currently being developed in 2016. This will provide uniform AAS across Australia and replace individual state-based standards currently followed.

Adventure Activity Standards are minimum, voluntary guidelines for organisations conducting outdoor recreation activities where the participants are dependent on the activity provider.
The AAS were developed to promote:

    • Safety for both participants and providers in regards to prudent risk management
    • Understanding of the minimum requirements for running quality, accountable adventure activities
    • Knowledge for industry, public consumers, insurers and the legal system

The AAS are NOT statutory standards by law. In most states, legal liability for injuries or property damage is primarily governed by the law of Contract and Negligence which are described within each AAS introduction.

These are the Activity Adventure Standards currently operating in various Australian states as coordinated by the  Outdoor Council of Australia.