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When working in Outdoor Education with primary or secondary school students it’s critical to be across your state education department’s curriculum guidelines for outdoor pursuits and activities, such as the Curriculum Activity Risk Management Guidelines developed by Education Queensland, as well as the Adventure Activity Standards for that activity.

The Australian Adventure Activity Standard (AAAS) and related Good Practice Guides (GPGs) provide a voluntary good-practice framework for safe and responsible planning and delivery of led outdoor adventure activities with dependent participants. The formation of the Australian AAS and GPG’s have been supported and funded 2016-2019 by a meeting of the State and Territory Sport and Recreation Ministers of Australia.

The good practice framework is provided in:

  • The AAAS – this addresses the common ‘requirements’ for all types of adventure activities
  • The Core GPG – this provides additional information to help support implementing the AAAS
  • The various activity GPGs – these provide guidance specific to the various activities.