2022 Awards Recipients

Outdoor Education Australia (OEA) in conjunction with its Foundation Partner, Wilderness Equipment, and Outward Bound Australia, is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 Australian Outdoor Education Awards.

The OEA Awards recognise the leadership, service, dedication and work of outdoor educators and organisations.

These awards are made possible due to the long-standing support of Wilderness Equipment and, in 2022, Outward Bound Australia.

CONGRATULATIONS to all our worthy 2022 Winners. Read on to discover why they were so deserving.


Outdoor Education Program Years 1-12

Trinity Anglican School, North Queensland

Trinity Anglican School is an independent school in Tropical Australia that has a unique Outdoor Ed program due to its comprehensive scope and sequence.

All students in Years 1-12 at Trinity Anglican engage in the Outdoor Education Program every single year with a view to furthering their relationships with self, others, and the natural environment.

The programs are relentless in their pursuit of many and varied learning outcomes, all linked to the Australian Curriculum. They aim to reveal to students their potential, and to support students in becoming the best version of themselves.

Primary school programs are centre based, sequentially building on a range of personal and outdoor education skills. During Primary, 16 days are spent on Outdoor Ed.

Secondary school programs are predominantly journey-based, with Year 11 and 12 programs being focused on leadership, teamwork and communication, along with other personal development aims. All up there are 38 days on secondary school programs.

Participation rates average 97% for the entire year, with many programs attracting 100% of students.

Additional and extension opportunities are also available through the bespoke Year 10 Outdoor Recreation Program (21 activity days), 28-day World Challenge Expedition to developing countries, and the Duke of Edinburgh (International) Award.


  • The Nature School, New South Wales
  • Saint Marks Anglican Community School, Western Australia
  • Aspire Program, St Phillips College, Northern Territory
  • Firbank Grammar School, Victoria
  • Outdoor Education Suite, (Guilford Young College) Tasmania

Darren Osmond (in green shirt) from Trinity Anglican School is pictured with other Finalists.


Emma Beveridge

Emma started her career with a traineeship which progressed to a degree in Outdoor Education. She has worked in outdoor education for 16 Years, currently at Trinity Anglican School in Cairns North Queensland.

She is a gem at creating resources to increase independent learning and to reduce student anxieties, such as “Bush Google”. This resource enables students to access program information independently and in a timely manner to allow them to self-manage their anxiety.

Her ability to embed curriculum links and activities and common language used across other subject areas in all year levels (1-12) has ensured the quality and continuity of learning for all students. Emma shares her learnings and innovations by writing articles, presenting at National Outdoor Education Conferences, and leading workshops at Facilitators of Outdoor Learning (FOOL’s) Forums.


Lindsay Blinco

In 2017, Linday volunteered as a facilitator on Lutheran Youth of Queensland’s Leadership camps, which led to a 5-week contract as a farm hand at St Peters Ironbark Campus, then a full-time role as an Outdoor Ed Assistant and traineeship.

He gained a Certificate in Outdoor Recreation and Leadership along with key hard skill qualifications, became an Instructor, and developed his facilitation skills, practical, and risk management skills. He also developed an environmental elective on waste management, low-impact camping and human impact.

Lindsay is now studying for a Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Studies/ Bachelor of Secondary Education at USC while still working at Ironbark and volunteering in Duke of Edinburgh camps.

With his passion for working with people, desire to help others grow and learn, willingness to take on any role, and commitment to professional learning, Lindsay is the epitome of an emerging professional.

Pic of Lindsay with Lauren Miler, CEO of Outward Bound Australia, the presenters of this and the Practitioner of the Year Award.


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Andrew Boyle, QLD

Andrew Boyle is the founder of Coefficient, a recruitment company that provides support to and staff for outdoor and experiential programs across Australia since 1993. He has a broad and extensive understanding of the outdoor sector.

Andrew has supported a wide range of colleagues across outdoor education and beyond. He is an employer, mentor, coach and chat line operator. He is a passionate believer in the power that the outdoors has on people’s lives and the positive effect that it has on society in general.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Graduate Diploma of Outdoor Education, and enjoys a wide variety of outdoor activities including climbing, hiking, paddling and camping.

From 2001 to 2020, Andrew served on the QORF (Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation) Management Committee, in a range of roles. Andrew has been a Director of Outdoors Queensland since its formation on 8th December 2020, following its name change from QORF.

Carol McIntosh, QLD

Carol McIntosh has been a leader of Outdoor Education, at an organisation, state and national level for many years.

After graduating from the Grad Diploma of Outdoor Education in 1996, she joined the Outdoor Education Association of Queensland and soon became a key contributor. Over the past 20 years she has provided wisdom, perspective and guidance to younger female educators.

Professionally, Carol led and expanded the Brisbane Girls Grammar School’s Outdoor Education Program for over 18 years, in partnership with her husband, James.

Carol has been committed to bringing the Outdoor Education community together. She had selflessly donated her time and energy to editing and publishing the organisation’s half-yearly publication, chasing and compiling stories from across Queensland, striving to share knowledge amongst the organisation. A time before online platforms, Carol spent many hours gathering the most recent information and research and synthesizing it into a readable practitioner’s magazine.

Carol was also a significant contributor to planning and running 6 state and 2 national Outdoor Education conferences.

James McIntosh, QLD

James McIntosh has served the Outdoor Education community as President of the Outdoor Education Association of Queensland (OEAQ) from 2006 – 2016. He has has been outstanding in his networking and collaborative efforts to bring members together and to facilitate sharing of practice, ideas and energy. Many members have enjoyed professional affirmation and growth through James’ work.

As head of OEA, James created and enacted a vision Outdoor Education Australia as an effective national body to enable professional connection and growth of Outdoor Education. His drive and vision were the significant factors in the development of Outdoor Education Australia.

In partnership with his wife Carol, James led and expanded Brisbane Girls Grammar School’s Outdoor Education Program over 18 years.

He has overseen 5 Queensland Outdoor Education conferences and was the convenor of the 2016 National Outdoor Education Conference on the Sunshine Coast.

James continues in his role on Queensland’s State Award Committee of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Jamie Bennett, W.A.

Jamie Bennett is a passionate supporter of outdoor education, from leading outdoor groups, training outdoor leaders to leading peak organisations.

He has contributed through leadership with Outdoors WA, Outdoor Education Australia and is past President of the Outdoor Council of Australia.

Awarded Life Membership to Outdoors WA in 2021, Jamie has been a key participant in the development of state outdoor education and national adventurous activity standards, helping to shape and support safe professional practice for outdoor education for years to come.

His passionate advocacy ensured the retention of Western Australian School Campsites. And his supportive actions aided the national recognition of outdoor education in the National Curriculum with outdoor learning as a cross curricular opportunity.

Jamie still actively participates in outdoor education programs, enjoying the simplicity of introducing students to the great outdoors and the joys of ‘Going Outside – Growing Inside’.

Graeme Dawes , NSW

Graeme Dawes — ‘Dawsey’ — has designed and delivered an exceptional sequential Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh program at The Grange Barker College in Mt Victoria, Blue Mountains. To date, Dawsey is well on track to celebrate his 200th Gold Duke Award graduate. An achievement very few (if any) have reached.

His program inspires staff to be involved and, in turn, facilitate deep connections and learnings for young people in the outdoors. Dawsey has pushed boundaries on what is achievable in the outdoor space for schools and convinced the executive board of a conservative school, that canyoning was valuable, memorable, safe and manageable for Year 10 students.

He established longer and more remote journeys, encouraging students to be challenged and inspired. He introduced roping with 8 drop multi pitch abseiling adventures, sending the hiking packs down on the scenic railway, for students to begin their hiking expeditions.

Dawsey has undertaken a lifelong journey inspiring and educating young people to be outside and to embrace all that the outdoors brings.

Catherine Shaw, NSW.

Catherine Shaw is the founding Head of The Nature School– a nature based, independent school in beautiful Port Macquarie, NSW.

In her first five years as Principal, she has created a vibrant learning community with an impressive following. The primary school has experienced incredible growth, with approval to continue into Secondary in 2023 under Catherine’s leadership.

Catherine is highly influential beyond her own school context and is a voice for excellence in nature-based education. She invests in colleagues across the state by leading professional learning opportunities, mentoring, and contributing to Syllabus development.

Catherine has impressive reach in the media which impacts the general public at local, state and national levels.

A self-confessed bird-nerd, she is passionate about Australian wildlife and habitats, and believes education about our unique endemic species is key to their protection and survival.

Her personal mission is to connect children with the natural world, for the benefit of both.

Chris Hodgson, S.A.

Chris Hodgson has provided outstanding commitment and service to the development of Outdoor Environmental Education in South Australia.

He has supported and developed new leaders in bushwalking and rock-climbing and enhanced Aboriginal perspectives through education.

Chris has been a contributing member of committees and boards for OEASA, Bushwalking Leadership, SAREA, UniSA Outdoor Education Industry Advisory Group and SACE Outdoor Education advisory group.

He is passionate about the relationship between young people, the outdoors and mental health and has implemented programs in his school.
He has volunteered with youth-at-risk organisation, Operation Flinders, and is currently undertaking a Master of Counselling to help inform evidence-based practice to apply and share with other teachers and practitioners.

Chris has inspired many students to pursue a career in outdoor education, and to develop young people to be more capable, resilient, caring, sustainable and fair.


In 2022, Fellowship was conferred to seven outstanding contributors for their many decades of service.

  1. Cathryn Carpenter FOEA, VIC
  2. Steve McMurtrie FOEA, VIC
  3. John Quay FOEA, VIC
  4. Sandy Allen-Craig FOEA, VIC
  5. Mark Brackenreg FOEA, NSW
  6. Jon Hodges FOEA, QLD
  7. Rob Hogan FOEA, S.A.

You can read all about our Fellows here.


The Outdoor Education Australia Awards are held biennially in conjunction with our National Outdoor Education Conference. Due to Covid-19, the inaugural 2020 awards were postponed to 2021.

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