Since its inception OEA has focused on achievements in 5 key areas:

  • Instigated quarterly communication between state organisations
  • Lobbied for outdoor education to play a larger role in our national curriculum from K to Y12
  • Established ‘Outdoor Education Week’ in 2011 to highlight the importance of outdoor education — run every year since.

Other Highlights

OEA and its forerunner have delivered a national conference approximately every two years. In 2022, they will host their 21st Conference in New South Wales’ The Blue Mountains. Previous conferences have included:

1978: 1st National OE Conference in Noojee, VIC.
1979: 2nd National OE Conference in Hobart, TAS.
1981: “Pushing Back Frontiers – establishing outdoor education in Australia.” 3rd National OE Conference at Maroon OEC, QLD, 23-27 September 1981.
1984: Our place in nature.” 4th National OE Conference in Adelaide, SA, in May 1984.
1987: 5th National OE Conference in Woodman Point, Perth, WA.
1989: 6th National OE Conference in Narrabeen Lakes, NSW.
1991:  “The Quest for Quality.” 7th National OE Conference in Frankston, VIC.
1993: 8th National OE Conference in Batchelor, NT.
1995: “Putting the Outdoors Back into Education.” 9th National OE Conference in  Southport, QLD.
1997: “Catalysts for Change.” 10th National OE Conference in Colloroy, NSW.
1999:The Human Face of Outdoor Education.” 11th National OE Conference  Perth, WA.
2001: “Education Outdoors – Our Sense of Place.” 12th National OE Conference  Bendigo, VIC.
2003:Relevance: Making it Happen.” 13th National OE Conference  Adelaide, SA.
2005:The Challenges We Face.” 14th National OE Conference in Gold Coast, QLD.
2007: 15th National OE Conference in Ballarat, VIC.
2010: 16th National OE Conference in Fremantle, WA.
2012: “Leading the Next Step in Outdoor Education.” 17th National OE Conference in  Canberra, ACT.
2014: “Outdoor Education. It’s in our nature.”   18th National OE Conference Prince Alfred College, Adelaide, SA, 14 -16 April 2014
2016: “Innovate   Educate  – Celebrate ”   19th National OE Conference, University of the Sunshine Coast, QLD, 29 March -1 April 2016.
2018: “Wisdom of the Past – Exploring the Future”   20th National OE Conference, Hobart, Tasmania, 9-12 April 2018
2020-21-22: Reconnecting for our Future ”   21st National OE Conference, Fairmont Resort, Blue Mountains, NSW, 26 -28 Sept 2022.