JOEE 20(1)

JOEE Special issue: Celebrating Innovation

This Special Issue originated in a selection of significant papers presented at the (Australian) National Outdoor Education Conference 2016, held in Queensland. These papers made exemplary contributions to the conference theme: Celebrating Innovation.

Innovation and outdoor education

Simon Beames

Innovative outdoor fieldwork pedagogies in the higher education sector: Optimising the use of technology

Glyn J. Thomas and Brendon Munge

Coming Home to Place: Aboriginal Lore and Place – ResponsivePedagogy for Transformative Learning in Australian Outdoor Education

David Spillman

Selective Hearing: The Unrecognised Contribution of Women to the Outdoor Profession

Tonia Gray, Sandy Allen-Craig, and Cathryn Carpenter

Those who teach learn: Near-peer teaching as outdoor environmental education curriculum 35 and pedagogy

Lucas Bester, Gregg Muller, Brendon Munge, Marcus Morse, and Noel Meyers

Coping strategies and the development of psychological resilience in outdoor education

Jessie W. Booth and James T. Neill

What are the capabilities of graduates who study outdoor education in Australian universities? The case for a threshold concepts framework

Scott Polley and Glyn J. Thomas

Book review by Glyn Thomas
Black, R., & Bricker, Kelly S. (2015). Adventure programming and travel for the 21st century.  State College, PA: Venture Publishing, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1-939476-04-3

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