The Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education (JOEE) is an international journal of the outdoor profession owned by the Outdoor Council of Australia and strongly supported by Outdoor Education Australia.

It continues the Australian Journal of Outdoor Education (AJOE).

The journal is published approximately twice a year and sent to subscribing members of state outdoor education associations in Australia, as well as individual and institutional standing order subscribers. It is also available through online content repositories such as Proquest and EBSCO.

The journal has an international authorship and readership.

The journal provides an academic forum in which empirical and non-empirical research concerning outdoor and environmental education can be shared and discussed.

The primary aim of the journal is to positively influence the development of outdoor and environmental education practice and theory.

Dr John Quay – The University of Melbourne

Advisory Editor
Dr Andrew Brookes – La Trobe University

Managing Editor
Pam Firth

Reviews Editor
Dr Glyn Thomas – University of the Sunshine Coast

Associate Editors

Dr Mike Brown – University of Waikato
Dr Janet Dyment – University of Tasmania
Associate Professor Tonia Gray – Western Sydney University
Dr Marcus Morse – La Trobe University
Dr Alistair Stewart – La Trobe University
Dr Brian Wattchow – Federation University

Regional Editors
Associate Professor Soren Andkjaer – University of Southern Denmark
Associate Professor Morten Asfeldt – University of Alberta, Canada
Dr Simon Beames – The University of Edinburgh, UK
Professor Pete Higgins – The University of Edinburgh, UK
Dr Susanna Ho – Ministry of Education, Singapore
Professor Denise Mitten – Prescott College, USA
Professor Kirsti Pedersen-Gurholt – Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
Associate Professor Tom Potter – Lakehead University, Canada
Associate Professor Jay Roberts – Earlham College, USA
Professor Takako Takano – Waseda University, Japan
Associate Professor Sue Waite – Plymouth University, UK