Australian Tertiary Degrees in Outdoor Education

There are many ways to create a career in outdoor education and many study and work experience paths you can follow in shaping the career you want.

On this page we list the undergraduate (tertiary) study options.

To read about the divergent study and career path some of our outdoor educators have taken go to our Career Insights page.

Given you are in a field where you are responsible for the safety of others, in-depth experience in any physical endeavour is highly advantageous. To that end OEA encourages anyone who wants to have a career in outdoor education to spend time in their youth and at other times in the outdoors, up-skilling in various craft. Though typically anyone who wants to have a career in outdoor education would revel in being outdoors and being active anyway.

University Undergraduate Programs (by State)


No programs at this time


Charles Sturt University
• Bachelor of Outdoor Education
• Bachelor of Environmental Science and Outdoor Recreation


University of the Sunshine Coast
School of Education (Sippy Downs Campus)
• Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
• Bachelor of Recreation and Outdoor Environmental Studies


Flinders University
• Bachelor of Sport Health and Physical Activity (Outdoor Education)
• Bachelor of Education (Secondary Health and Physical Education)

University of South Australia
• Bachelor of Outdoor and Environmental Leadership
• Bachelor of Human Movement (with Outdoor Education minor or sub-major)
• Bachelor of Secondary Education (honours) with Outdoor Education sub-major
• Bachelor of Business (Recreation and Planning) (with Outdoor Education minor or sub-major)


University of Tasmania
• Bachelor of Education
 (Health and Physical Education)


Australian Catholic University
• Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Exercise Science (Outdoor Education Minor)

Federation University
School of Health Science and Psychology (Mt Helen and Gippsland Campuses)
• Bachelor of Outdoor and Environmental Education
• Bachelor of Sport, Physical and Outdoor Education
• Bachelor of Health and Physical Education (Outdoor Education elective sequence)
• Master of Teaching (Outdoor Education Curriculum Studies)

La Trobe University
Department of Outdoor and Environmental Education (Bendigo Campus)
• Bachelor of Outdoor and Sustainability Education
• Bachelor of Outdoor and Sustainability Education (Climate Change Major)

Victoria University
College of Sport and Exercise Science and College of Arts and Education (Footscray Park and St. Albans Campuses)
• Bachelor of Outdoor Leadership (Outdoor Education)
• Bachelor of Outdoor Education and Environmental Science
• Bachelor of Education P-12 (Outdoor Education)
• Bachelor of Education Studies (Outdoor Education)
• Bachelor of Sports Management (Outdoor Leadership)
• Bachelor of Youth work (Outdoor Leadership)


The University of Notre Dame
Freemantle Campus
• Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation
• Master of Outdoor Education