Outdoor Education Awards 2022 Winners

16 Individuals and 1 organisation honoured


Outdoor Education Australia honoured 16 individuals and one outstanding organisation at its Outdoor Education Awards announced at NOEC2022 at Leura at the end of September 2022.

Emma Beveridge, from North Queensland, was the worthy recipient of OEA Practitioner of the Year Award, in recognition of her long career, dedication and innovation within the OEA industry and to her students, colleagues and the sector. (She is pictured receiving her award from OBA CEO, Loren Millar.)

The awards, across five categories, honoured inspirational and transformative Australian Outdoor Ed programs and educators. A main prize for Outdoor Education Program of the Year was generously provided by our Foundation Partner, Wilderness Equipment. It was awarded to The Anglican School (TAS) in Cairns, North Queensland, where Emma also works.

Outward Bound Australia (OBA) donated the prizes for Practitioner of the Year and Emerging Practitioner, which was won by Lindsay Blinco.

Seven individuals were recognised for their service to Outdoor Education with their awards presented by Keynote presenter, Beau Miles (far left pic below). The recipients were:
  • Andrew Boyle, QLD
  • Carol McIntosh, QLD
  • James McIntosh, QLD
  • Jamie Bennett, WA
  • Graeme Dawes, NSW
  • Catherine Shaw, NSW
  • Chris Hodgson, SA
You can read more about these recipients HERE.



In 2022, OEA also conferred Fellowship (OEAF) to seven worthy Australian Outdoor Educations and academics:
  • Cathryn Carpenter FOEA, VIC
  • Steve McMurtrie FOEA, VIC
  • John Quay FOEA, VIC (far right in pic)
  • Sandy Allen-Craig FOEA, VIC (2nd from right in pic)
  • Mark Brackenreg FOEA, NSW (centre in pic)
  • Jon Hodges FOEA, QLD (2nd from left in pic)
  • Rob Hogan FOEA, S.A.
You can read more about our Fellows HERE.

The awards were one of the highlights of the National Outdoor Education Conference, said Chair of Outdoor Education, Peter McKenna. “The Outdoor Education industry is a dynamic, professional and valuable sector, positively inspiring and supporting the lives of thousands of school children and adults each year across Australia,” said Peter.

“It would not not be where it is today without the long years of dedication, including many unpaid hours, by so many committed individuals. The standard of the industry and the ongoing inclusion in the Australian curriculum is part of their achievements.”