16th European Outdoor Ed Seminar

16th European seminar of the Institute of Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning (EOE)

Outdoor Atmospheres and Narratives: Connecting young people to the world

This seminar concerns the sensed, aesthetic outdoor world and the narratives that we construct, create or reproduce when we experience powerful outdoor spaces. These are narratives of power and inclusion around such issues of gender, diversity and oppression that directly influence matters of social and environmental justice.

This event is designed to be an active participatory practical conference, developing and sharing theory and engaging in practice. There will be extended sessions outdoors for all participants including study visits. It is planned to consider aspects of the romantic as well as the critical, the aesthetic as well as the cognitive. By co-constructing this way of thinking about our outdoor practice it is is hoped that new understandings of atmospheres and narratives will engender curiosity, raise cultural sensitivity and enrich our outdoor practices.

Outdoors Victoria Conference

Outdoors Victoria Conference 2017

‘Outdoor Learning – A Natural Connection’ for the 2017 Education Outdoors Conference.

Outdoor Learning has long been recognised for its diversity and ability to connect with many other areas. Join us to further unpack and strengthen these connections.

Currently the call for presenters has been released but more information will be updated as it comes to hand.  Keep an eye on the OV page here for further details.